KOO.MV | Partnership

What is Koo.mv?

Koo.mv is the first of its kind, fully-fledged online market place of the Maldives. The word "Koo" comes from the distinct sound that the Asian Koel (Dhivehi Koveli) makes during the early hours of the morning. It's a sound that all Maldivians are quit familiar with making the name a no brainer to begin a revolution of e-commerce in the Maldives,


Koo is protected by SSL certificates ensuring safety for the sellers and buyers to conduct transactions, data transfer, logins and secure browsing of social media sites.

Promotions and Spike Sales

Koo.mv will involve joining partners in promotional activities both online and offline. Special discounts and sales will be held within the marketplace to drive customers and boost sales. Koo will hold an annual spike sale with exciting discounts and cashbacks through all the categories generating maximum number of buyers and huge traffic to our website during this period.

Payment Collection

Payment is either directyly collected by the Seller, by cash on delivery or Dhiraagu Pay - our exclusive payment partner. Ensuring 100% trust for our partners.


Koo.mv actively train our sellers in subjects such as merchandizing, buying, packaging, cataloguing, customer communications and social media marketing in order to run a successful business on Koo.mv

Mobile Primary, Desktop Secondary

It is estimated that more than 62% of smartphone users have made an online purchase on their mobile device in the last six months worldwide. Koo.mv has been fully mobile optimized in order to simplify the process of managing orders and deliveries.

Low Costs

Koo.mv will not charge any fee to register as a seller. You decide the price of your products and we charge a pre-agreed commission on the successful orders you make . Verified Sellers status is awarded to quality sellers depending on their performances.

Flexible Return and Refund Policies

Each store has the option to maintain their own returns and refunds. Koo.mv dictates a  Returns Policy of at least 10 working days (Limited specific categories) assuring sellability reducing product exchange and refunds. Maintaining a good store review would rely on keeping your customers happy.

To register and verify yourself as a partner: Become a Partner